9 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Published on 05/31/2022

No, in a relationship, not everything is always perfect and wonderful – unfortunately. But if the following points apply to your partnership, it at least suggests that you and your partner are doing something right.

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9 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship


Time we spend with our partner should be quality time. It is all the more important that we let ourselves go and forget the stress of the rest of the day. Being able to draw strength from the partnership clearly speaks for a good relationship.

Thank You, Please, And Sorry

It may sound trivial, but behind this point, there are two types of relationship essences: politeness and respect. As soon as one partner respects the other partner less, there is an imbalance. Is that the case for you? Very well, then you obviously have a healthy relationship.

You Aren’t Worrying

He’s touring around with his boys, and you don’t worry about that? Perfect! Then he genuinely seems to make you feel like you can be sure and trust him.

Willing To Compromise

Whoever loves sincerely does not see a compromise as a compromise but as a matter of course. In other words, if both are willing to compromise, problems will resolve themselves before they force you into heated arguments.

You Don’t Have To Pretend

It’s not always easy to love someone for who they are. If you don’t bend over backward for your partner, don’t invent strange hobbies, and certainly don’t have to force character traits, you have found the right lid for the pot.

You Consider Each Other

Whether it’s work, leisure activities or time spent together: In a healthy relationship, organizational respect for the partner’s appointments should also be lived. And that also means knowing about your partner’s schedule – because you are interested in his life.

Giving And Taking

In a harmonious relationship, it should go without saying that sometimes one pays, sometimes the other; that sometimes one, sometimes the other cleans the bathroom; that sometimes one, sometimes the other buys; that sometimes one cooks, sometimes the other…

You Have Insiders

Friends have grown tired of spending time with the two of you because you’re always cackling and giggling without others having even a chance to understand what amuses you so much? Well, then maybe you’ll have fewer friends in the near future. But you seem to have a healthy relationship for that!

You Can Fight And Forgive Each Other

Sometimes you need to vent your anger. It is all the better if you use your partner for this – because only those who are really close have to move away from time to time. As long as you can still get along after a quarrel, the signs are basically in harmony.