4 Sports You Can Start At 50+

Published on 01/12/2022

At 50 and older, it is particularly important to keep yourself fit and healthy by getting enough exercise. We explain to you which sports are good for starting late – and what you should pay attention to in order not to endanger your health. Sport is good in every situation because exercise increases the ability to learn and increases mental flexibility. This also and especially applies to women over 50. So which sport is right for women 50+? And how often should you exercise? Here are five ideal sports for those over 50.

Old People Working Out

4 Sports You Can Start At 50+


Swimming is one of the most popular sports for the 50+ generation. This is no wonder, after all, general fitness can be increased enormously through regular swimming training. This also applies to aqua gymnastics. Both sports are gentle on the joints and increase blood circulation. This significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. During menopause, swimming helps relieve stress and maintain firm contours. Would you like to get started? Then just go to the local swimming pool. You can independently go swimming for 30 to 45 minutes two to three times a week or ask for an aqua aerobics class. In addition, some fitness studios offer swimming and aqua gym classes.


Sportiness requires certain stamina. Because only through long-lasting movement processes does the body fall back on its energy reserves in the form of fat. This is particularly beneficial during menopause, as the lowered estrogen level usually leads to an increase in fat reserves. Classic endurance sports such as walking or cross-country skiing lead to a long-term improvement in physical abilities. According to medical studies, the 50+ generation can stabilize the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of heart attacks and stimulate the metabolism. So there is no need to wait. Go for a walk, start with a ten-minute jog and build up from time to time, or join a walking group.


When it comes to sports for people over 50, one workout should not be missing: dancing. Hardly any other sport combines fun, social contacts and fitness in such a harmonious way. Getting started is easy. Just ask the nearest dance school about a beginners’ course for older semesters. Advanced beginners or experienced dancers can look for a dance partner. You can also ask about this at the nearest dance school or search online. There are various portals on the web that can be searched specifically – by age, level and preferred dance style.


In today’s world, yoga is becoming more and more popular. The Indian teaching brings body and mind into harmony. The gymnastic exercises stretch the tendons and increase flexibility. Since yoga also contains numerous meditative elements, it helps to find inner peace and serenity. Ideal against stress and for a better attitude towards life. Another great thing about yoga is that you can train together regardless of age. Just get in touch with your local yoga studio.