Here Is What All Swimmers Should Know

Published on 03/08/2023

Even moving in the water for 20 to 30 minutes lets the positive aspects of endurance training, such as fat burning and heart muscle training, have an effect on your body. Here are 5 valuable tips for swimming beginners:

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Here Is What All Swimmers Should Know

1. Don’t Overestimate Yourself

Especially in the beginning it is very important that you find a relaxed pace. Either swim very slowly or, if you want to swim a little faster, take a breather every now and then. This is primarily good for swimming in the pool. Especially when swimming in open water, it is important that you manage your strength well and only swim in waters that are secured by life guards.

2. Switch Layers

The fastest way to move around in water is the crawl technique. If you master this technique: Fabulous. However, switch back to the chest or back position from time to time. Swimming is a very complex sport and, above all, due to the variation of the individual swimming styles, many different muscle groups are used. If you don’t know how to crawl: no problem either. Just switching between breaststroke and backstroke is very valuable.

3. Watch For A Long, Economical Move

Most people make the mistake of swimming very frantically. However, if you watch the pros on TV or live, you quickly realize that they look almost effortless and they seem to glide or fly very calmly through the water. No matter what position you swim in, the longer the stroke, the better. In this way you ensure the best possible transfer of your muscle power into the water.

4. Orientation

If you swim in open water, look for a fixed point on the shore that you always keep in mind. You don’t have to keep your head out of the water with your eyes open all the time, but get into a rhythm by raising your head and making sure you’re still on track—for example, after every seventh or ninth stroke when doing a front crawl. Of course, it’s a little easier with the breaststroke.

5. Find A Continuity

Start easy and don’t put yourself under pressure. In general, however, the same applies to swimming as to everything else: success comes from continuity. Two training units per week of 30 minutes each (longer if you like, of course) can work wonders. The body is toned and shaped and the mind is relaxed.

6. Where And When

Find a convenient time in your week to meet up with a friend at an indoor pool where you feel comfortable. Make it a fun activity. Don’t necessarily choose Thursday or Friday evenings.

7. Front Crawl Is A Real Swimming Aid

Triathletes crawl because it’s the fastest and, with good technique, the most efficient style. In addition, the competition takes place in open water, which rarely exceeds 25 degrees in Germany. If the water temperature is lower, you can swim in a wetsuit.